About Evrybase

Evrybase, right now, is foremost a Browser Add-On. Our ShopCompanion gives you easy access to full-size product images. But you might have figured that out already. Seems like not much, but for us, it's a first step towards forming it into a companion add-on, a shopping partner, there to offer you helpful things from it's toolchest when appropriate. Like a good friend who knows stuff, someone who follows you around, and answers your questions while you look at things. As such, ShopCompanion is the Swiss-Army knife for online shoppers. Making you an "informed shopper". And evrybase is it's backend, where we do the technical processing to operate ShopCompanion.

In combination with ShopCompanion, the web-app here at Evrybase.com becomes a sort of bookmarking service, a service that enables you to collect products from many shop-outlets into a unified hub, where the things you collect are added to "lists". This way, you can keep track of things you "like" (or "love"), things you "want", products you currently own, or have owned at some point but still care about. We call it Want-Have-Had + Heart.

Okay, bookmarking works, but the more advanced services are not quite there. We regard this as an ongoing process.

But that's not all. There's more to it! This service collects the products for you by storing the product images Shop Companion already offered you while you were on the shop's webpage without further ado into your private repository, for you to keep. Even when the product is delisted, or sold out, you, and only you, still "own" all the metadata by having it saved securely.

That's unique, isn't it? We think of it as "Pinterest™ for Products", or "Social Product Bookmarking, done right".

That's it for now, although we hope to release more soon. Make sure you enter early, and test the thing while we work on it. Or follow us on Facebook so you won't miss when we announce new stuff.