Terms of service

EVRYBASE is a community where people share shopping and product information by, among others, building collections of things they care about, know about, or by cataloging things they'd like to sell.

By registering and using our service, you agree that we display, transfer, transform, edit, process and store your contributions and you grant us a perpetual, irrevocable license to do so.

Most user contributions are textual data. But a contribution might just as well be an image or video. If you upload material to EVRYBASE you have to make sure that you've got full license to do so, either by being the author of the work or by having obtained the necessary license.

You are not allowed to upload material to EVRYBASE that is in any way sexually explicit or pornographic, forbidden to display, harmful, discriminating or in another way offensive. EVRYBASE has the right to moderate and remove any material that we think is inapropriate for display on our site.

You may end your membership at any time. Consequence of terminating an account is that many of your contributions, like your collections and user profile, will be deleted, but please note that more general contributions of yours, in the form of text and image may remain on the site as anonymously contributed content.

Privacy policy

Please understand that our service can't be used completely anonymous. We set cookies and keep server logs to run our service. Additionally, displaying advertisements, or links to partnering companies, may be used by these companies to gather usage-data. We have only limited control about the policy of these partners.
Data related to your user account remains private, of course. We do not share your information with third parties unless law requires us to do so. Apart from that, most material you enter or upload to EVRYBASE will be displayed in public areas of this service. So take extra care when you upload or enter material to make sure you don't leak information you want to retain.